How to get more followers on Instagram

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

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In this digital age, social media platforms like Instagram serve as powerful tools for individuals and businesses to connect, share, and engage with a vast audience. Boasting over 1 billion users, this platform offers a lucrative path for anyone from the dedicated business owner to the emerging influencer looking to expand their social circle. A large Instagram following is not just about popularity; it’s a strategic asset that can be incredibly beneficial.

Harnessing my experience in building online presences, I’ve found that to get more followers on Instagram, one must embrace proven techniques and best practices that resonate with their audience. The journey to gaining a substantial follower base begins with consistent interaction. Engaging sincerely in comments, sharing valuable content, and using relevant hashtags are pillars that uphold your visibility and attractiveness on the platform.

Ways to get more Instagram followers

Achieving a significant organic following on Instagram means understanding the distinction between genuinely growing your audience and resorting to shortcuts like pay-for-play sites. Many brands fall into the trap of using such services to boost numbers quickly, but this often results in low-quality accounts and phony engagement, which the Instagram algorithm may penalize. Instead, investing the necessary legwork to build connections authentically is worth it. Creating compelling content that encourages followers to read, watch, and interact—especially through dynamic video posts—remains one of the best tips for getting more Instagram followers the right way.

1. Optimize your Instagram account

To effectively get followers, it’s essential to set up your Instagram business profile to look the part. For starters, ensuring your profile is fully optimized means having a clear, memorable profile photo, a concise and informative bio, and a recognizable username.

To get followers on Instagram, starting with a well-crafted Instagram bio is crucial. Here are key elements to consider:

  • Slogan or Tagline: Incorporate a catchy slogan or tagline that succinctly communicates the essence of your brand or personal brand.
  • Branded Hashtag: Introduce a branded hashtag in your bio. This not only fosters community but also encourages followers to engage with your brand and content.
  • Profile Picture: Choose a profile picture that is instantly recognizable, such as your company logo or a professional headshot, to establish and maintain brand identity.
  • Bio Link: Utilize the bio link effectively by directing followers to your website, latest project, or promotional content, making the most of this prime real estate on your profile.
Optimize your Instagram account

By focusing on these points, your Instagram account will not only attract new followers but also provide a clear identity that resonates with your audience, enhancing engagement and loyalty.

Building a follower-friendly account on Instagram greatly enhances your brand identity and impact, leading to increased account’s discoverability. A well-optimized Instagram profile acts as a beacon for potential followers; it clearly communicates who you are and what value you can offer them.

To turn Instagram followers into meaningful traffic and customers, start by optimizing your profile with these crucial elements:

  • Search-Friendly Username: Choose a username that aligns with your brand name. If your preferred name is taken, shorten it or use a variation that your audience can easily recognize. For example, Cold Stone Creamery uses @coldstone.
  • Profile Picture: Use a professional, appropriately-sized logo that remains legible even on a smartphone screen to maintain brand consistency and recognizability.
  • Bio Link: This is crucial for funneling social traffic to your site or promotions. Make sure it directly connects followers to your most valuable and relevant page to maximize conversion potential.

These points ensure your account is not only follower-friendly but also optimized for converting followers into active participants in your business’s ecosystem.

To effectively optimize your Instagram account as part of a proven Instagram marketing strategy, consider transforming your profile into a comprehensive social landing page. This setup allows you to take total control over how you engage with your audience and guide them towards meaningful interactions. Use your bio to include a homepage link that houses multiple links—from a free guide download to getting started on latest promotions, this strategy not only encourages your followers to follow through but also provides a better experience by making it easy for them to access varied content that resonates with their interests or needs. This approach not only boosts follower engagement but also amplifies the effectiveness of your business’s presence on Instagram.

2. Develop a thoughtful Instagram marketing strategy

To gain followers and cultivate a successful Instagram account, it’s essential to have a clear plan that integrates with your overall business strategy. Your Instagram app efforts should be part of a larger plan that connects directly with your social marketing objectives. Setting a starter goal based on more than just the number of followers alone—such as how these followers can enhance your brand’s reach and engagement—helps align your social activities with the broader reasons why you want more Instagram followers.

Whether it’s to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or launch new products, every part of your Instagram strategy should be geared towards specific outcomes you aim to accomplish. This focused approach not only maximizes your platform’s potential but also ensures every post and interaction contributes meaningfully to your business’s goals.

  • Increase Brand Awareness: Leverage visually engaging posts and stories that reflect your brand’s unique identity and values.
  • Boost Product Sales: Highlight product benefits and customer testimonials through regular posts, reels, and targeted ads.
  • Drive Traffic to Your Website: Utilize the bio link effectively and incorporate call-to-action features in your posts and stories to direct followers to your website.

To stay focused on business-oriented goals with your Instagram account, it’s crucial to maintain a consistent approach that effectively tells a compelling brand story. This narrative should not only appeal to new profile visitors but also help build a loyal following. Each post, story, and interaction on your account should align with this overarching theme, reinforcing your brand’s values and mission. By doing so, you ensure that every element of your Instagram presence works together to attract followers who are genuinely interested in what your business stands for, fostering a community around your brand.

3. Don’t Buy Instagram Followers

Buying followers might seem like a shortcut to growth on Instagram, akin to expecting a song mentioned by Taylor Swift to become an overnight sensation. However, this practice is not only against Instagram’s Terms of Use, but it also offers only an initial surge in numbers without genuine engagement. Such actions do a disservice to your account in the long-run. Instagram actively weeds out phony engagement and fake accounts, which can lead to being shadowbanned.

Spending time attracting quality followers who will engage with your content and stick around is far more beneficial. For brands, marketers, and creators, tools like Later’s Instagram scheduling tools can help you plan, manage, and analyze your posts more effectively. You can sign up for free to optimize your strategy, ensuring a sustainable and compliant approach to building your presence on the platform.

4. Determine Your Target Audience

Determine Your Target Audience

To effectively identify your target audience on Instagram, start by analyzing your existing customer base to understand their demographics, interests, and behaviors. Collect information through surveys, focus groups, and social media listening platforms like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or Buffer. This data helps you determine patterns and trends within your customer base. Use demographics analysis to outline the characteristics of potential followers and create buyer personas representing different customer segments. With these insights, you can adapt your strategy to connect more effectively with these groups, tailoring your content to resonate with their preferences and behaviors, thus enhancing your engagement and follower growth on Instagram.

5. Keep a consistent content calendar

Momentum on Instagram hinges not just on what you post, but how often and when. Creating content that consistently provides value not only builds an audience but ensures your Instagram account doesn’t gather cobwebs. Sticking to a regular posting schedule is crucial; whether brands post daily or near daily depends on what tracks with their audience, based on research into how often to post. There isn’t a set-in-stone number, but referencing a breakdown of the best times to post—typically mid-to-late morning or early afternoons during the week—maximizes Optimal engagement.

If you’re worried about your posts getting seen, utilize Instagram’s features like Stories to get more eyes on your content and ensure it’s seen by your followers for the first time.

6. Create a consistent brand story and aesthetic

To succinctly convey your brand on Instagram, think of your feed as the modern-day equivalent of an elevator pitch. Establishing a consistent brand voice and personality that is reflected not only in the look of your posts but also in their content, makes your profile instantly recognizable at a glance. Your grid should appear as a cohesive unit, where each post seems to naturally fit within the overall feed. Also, don’t forget to share aspects of your brand story through Instagram Stories, which allows for a more dynamic interaction with your audience and helps to cement your brand’s identity and aesthetic in their minds.

7. Embed keywords into your username and name

Optimizing your Instagram handle and name with keywords relevant to your brand, like Ursa Major does with skincare, enhances your visibility in search results. When you embed relevant keywords into your profile’s @name or username, it aligns with how the Instagram algorithm surfaces profiles. This strategy not only makes your company easier to find during searches by potential followers looking for skincare brands and solutions, but it also offers an opportunity to tell and sell your story to potential customers at a glance. The first thing users typically notice when they land on your profile is your name, so ensuring it’s consistent with other social channels and instantly identifiable can significantly improve visibility and recognition.

8. Have a Strong Personal Brand and Value Proposition

Creating a clear value proposition for your Instagram account is essential for converting visitors to followers. Whether you’re a shop selling unique items, a stylist offering styling tips, or a chef sharing cooking content, your content should reflect exactly the same principle across all posts. This consistency not only reinforces your brand but also makes your offer clear to anyone who lands on your profile. For instance, if you’re known for inspirational quotes, ensure that each post aligns with this theme, thereby solidifying your personal brand. This approach not only attracts more followers but also ensures they are engaged and invested in what you sell.

9. Switch to an Instagram Business Profile 

Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

Switching to an Instagram Business Profile is a savvy and strategic move that can propel your brand to new heights. This account type provides access to Instagram Insights, offering critical information about your account performance, including audience demographics, post analytics, and discovery metrics. With these insights, you can tailor your content to better meet the preferences of your audience, enhancing engagement. Additionally, having a business profile enables you to allocate a budget to create sponsored Instagram posts and targeted promotions that can further fuel your brand growth. This approach not only amplifies your visibility but also enhances your ability to connect with and expand your follower base.

10. Schedule Instagram posts in advance

Scheduling Instagram content in advance with newest tools like Sprout’s ViralPost feature can significantly enhance your control over your posting strategy, a vital aspect given the Instagram algorithm’s impact on reach and visibility. By using Instagram scheduling tools, brands are no longer at the mercy of real-time posting, which may not coincide with optimal engagement times. These tools allow for the organization and scheduling of Posts, Stories, Carousels, and Reels, ensuring posts are released at the right times to maximize engagement.

Sprout’s ViralPost, for instance, analyzes your account’s engagement history and identifies the best times to post, providing a strategic advantage and value by optimizing your visibility and interaction rates. Additionally, the ability to crosspost content to other networks further expands your reach and influence across different platforms.

11. Design a visually appealing Instagram grid

Designing a visually engaging and aesthetic Instagram grid is the first step to making a lasting impression. A consistent look and feel across your grid not only works together harmoniously when laid out but also compels new users who visit your profile to want to see more and ultimately click Follow. Take, for instance, Monos, a luggage company whose main feed showcases a beautiful, minimalist aesthetic. Each piece of content is high-quality and carefully selected to maintain this style, ensuring that every post visually contributes to the overall branding, enhancing both the appeal and coherence of your Instagram presence.

12. Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed

Think of your Instagram page as a resume, portfolio, or website—all wrapped up into a picture-perfect representation of your brand. Those first few seconds when someone lands on your profile are crucial. They introduce and convey your brand personality through a strong Instagram aesthetic, which can make the difference between a visitor hitting follow or tapping away. This initial interaction sets the tone for how potential followers perceive your value and relevance.

To create a visual identity that supports your brand’s look and feel, utilizing tools like Instagram feed planner or Later’s Visual Planner can be transformative. These tools allow you to preview how your posts will look as a whole, ensuring the impression made when someone lands on your profile is the perfect recipe for growth on this platform. By strategically arranging your content, you can visually communicate your message more effectively, encouraging new visitors to engage with your brand. Sign up for Later’s Visual Instagram Planner for free today and start optimizing your feed to captivate and grow your audience.

Your Instagram bio is not just a brief description of your business; it’s a pivotal section where you can add personalized links to your website, blog posts, or promos. Using tools like Linktree, you can create a customized page that hosts multiple links to your website, blog, online store, other social media profiles, and even donation pages or other external destinations. This approach allows you to keep your bio clean while still providing abundant resources for your followers. Regularly changing the link in your Instagram bio to promote new updates or highlights on your Linktree page ensures that your audience always has something fresh and relevant to explore, enhancing engagement and directing valuable traffic exactly where you want it.

14. Engage with customers and brand advocates

Figuring out how to get more Instagram followers often boils down to how well you’re engaging with your audience, and one of the best ways to do this is by responding to comments and republishing their posts. The power of user-generated content (UGC) in UGC campaigns cannot be understated; it helps to build social proof while showing your followers that you are genuinely invested in their contributions. Take Drunk Elephant as an example; they regularly regrams their followers’ posts that feature their products and use specific hashtags like #BareWithUs and #DrunkBreak. This not only helps to gather more content but also creates a dynamic, interactive community atmosphere that encourages more users to engage and follow.

15. Master Instagram SEO

Master Instagram SEO

Mastering Instagram SEO is crucial if you want people to see your brilliant content and follow you. It’s all about playing the Instagram algorithm game effectively by strategizing how your posts get seen. Start by doing keyword research and optimizing your Instagram bio and content to reflect those keywords. This means your captions, hashtags, and even the alt text of images should be carefully crafted to enhance your visibility on the platform. By aligning your content with what your target audience is searching for, you increase the chances of being discovered by potential new followers, turning the complexities of the algorithm into a tool for growth.

16. Cross-promote your Instagram handle on other channels

Redirecting potential customers from other channels to your Instagram profile is a lightweight strategy to make your presence more discoverable and boost your following quickly. For example, companies like Buffer effectively add their Instagram link to their website footer, making it easy for visitors to transition from browsing to following with minimal effort. Similarly, don’t just rely on users to manually search for you on Instagram; add your Instagram account’s link in emails, on other social media bios, and in any other places where your audience already engages with your content. This approach ensures that all paths lead back to your Instagram, maximizing your visibility and follower growth.

  • Product Packaging: Include your Instagram handle to encourage customers to follow and share their experiences.
  • Blogs: Embed your profile’s Instagram QR code in the sidebar or website’s footer.
  • Marketing and Transactional Emails: Add a clickable Instagram link to foster easy access.
  • Employee Tools: Incorporate your Instagram handle into employees’ email signatures and team members’ bios on all social media platforms.
  • External Content Channels: Promote your Instagram on TikTok, YouTube, and any blogs where your content overlaps.
  • Events: Display your Instagram details at networking events, webinars, and in-person events to integrate online and offline marketing efforts.

Whether big and flashy or small and subtle, incorporating your Instagram link across multiple channels is a strategic move. Use a universally recognized Instagram icon or a QR code; both work in most places where your audience already engages. This could be anything from the header of your website to the footer of your email newsletters.

17. Encourage User-Generated Content 

User-generated content (UGC) is profoundly effective in building social proof and boosting consumer confidence, which is crucial for attracting potential followers. When your content features satisfied customers, it not only builds trust and credibility but also helps others perceive your brand as more authentic and reliable, making it worth following. This is because people trust feedback from other people more than they do from businesses themselves. By showcasing real-life testimonials and experiences, you give a human touch to your brand that resonates deeply with a wider audience.

Furthermore, when users share content featuring your brand with their friends, it naturally piques curiosity among those who might be intrigued to check out what your brand offers. According to Forbes, consumers are more likely to believe content from a friend or family member over any corporate advertising, significantly impacting their purchasing decisions. This organic spread of content extends your reach far beyond your initial audience.

A prime example of this strategy in action is Apple’s #ShotOniPhone campaign. By encouraging iPhone users to share visually stunning photos captured with their devices, Apple not only highlighted the capabilities of their phones but also demonstrated that everyday people could capture professional-level photographs. This campaign proved hugely successful in demonstrating the iPhone’s capabilities and engaging a global audience, all through content created by the users themselves.

18. Showcase your Instagram everywhere you can

Don’t be shy about promoting your Instagram if more followers are your goal; there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to promoting your ‘gram. Integrating your Instagram handle across all digital and physical platforms is crucial. Include it on your business cards, promotional flyers, email signatures, and even in your storefront if you have one.

  • Add social media icons to your website and marketing emails to make it easier for people to find and connect with your business.
  • Feature your Instagram feed on your homepage or product pages, especially if you’re an e-commerce brand; consider dedicated UGC feeds on-site to enhance engagement.
  • Re-share Instagram-specific content and announcements on other social channels; talk about upcoming IG Live events on platforms like TikTok and Facebook to cross-promote and boost attendance.

19. Create shareable infographics and memes

Visually appealing infographics and relatable memes are naturally shared, significantly increasing reach and helping you gain more followers on Instagram. By getting existing followers to share your content, you’re employing a good way to find new people who might be interested in your posts. This type of content not only entertains but also educates, making it highly effective for engagement and viral potential.

Consider watermarking your content by adding a subtle logo in the corner; this ensures that when your posts are repurposed, people know they’re yours. A simpler approach to branding, such as the one used by Wearhuaha, involves using a consistent backdrop or theme where your brand’s elements are subtly included. This method maintains the aesthetic appeal while marking the content as your intellectual property, which can help maintain brand identity across various platforms.

20. Use relevant hashtags

Master Instagram SEO

Using the right hashtags can significantly expose your Instagram posts to a large, targeted audience. Instagram recommends using three to five hashtags to avoid the clutter, although the limit is up to 30. This recommendation balances quantity and quality, helping your posts to rank better under Instagram hashtags. Many people follow hashtags to see posts on a specific topic, so selecting hashtags that are relevant yet broad enough ensures you appear on the Explore page or at first glance when someone searches your niche’s hashtag.

The right strategy to use hashtags involves a mix of popular and niche tags. This prevents your content from getting lost in a sea of spam or remaining hidden in a little corner of Instagram. By carefully choosing hashtags that connect directly to your content and audience, you enhance visibility and engagement without overwhelming your posts with irrelevant or overly generic tags.

21. Collaborate With Influencers and Brands in Your Niche 

Collaborating with influencers and brands that resonate with your niche audiences—who share specific interests, demographics, and lifestyles—ensures that your message reaches people who are likely to be interested and engaged with your brand. These influencers have already built a community of like-minded individuals who trust their recommendations. By forming partnerships, you leverage their credibility to enhance your brand’s visibility and acceptance within targeted circles.

A successful collaboration involves carefully selecting influencers whose values align with your brand. For example, Benefit Cosmetics partnered with influencer Manny MUA for the #benefitofcrocschallenge campaign, which encouraged participants to show their beauty routines while wearing Crocs. This creative integration of products from different niches not only captivated the audience but also showcased the versatility in content creation across TikTok and Instagram Reels, expanding reach and interaction effectively.

22. Post content that followers actually want to see

Easier said than done, right? Identifying what content to post involves considering several variables: Filters, Captions, Content types, and Post times are all essential elements that interact with Instagram’s algorithm, which can be quite fickle. To figure out what works best for your brand, experiment with different formats and timing. Some swear by Carousels, others go all-in on Reels—approaches vary, but the key is observing what type of content generates likes and engagement.

Regular testing and using Instagram’s native analytics can be powerful; for those looking to take insights to the next level, investing in advanced Instagram analytics tools like Sprout makes it easy to benchmark and analyze your Instagram content against other accounts. This helps you not to second-guess what’s working and what’s not, as reporting clearly spells it out.

If you’re unsure where to start, consider analyzing your competitors. This can be as simple as staggering through other brands’ profiles to keep up with what’s trending across similar social accounts. Don’t aim to be a copycat—instead, take notes on what they are doing and posting that drives engagement. Utilizing tools like Sprout’s Instagram Competitors report provides a detailed breakdown of what’s working across your industry. This kind of competitive research can go a long way in refining your content strategy.

Engaging with trending topics is great advice to increase your IG followers. By tapping into current trends, you can launch your content into virality. Participating in relevant, trending conversations not only shows your followers that you’re paying attention to what’s happening but also keeps them engaged with your posts. Whether it’s a popular hashtag, a viral challenge, or a significant event, aligning your content with these trends can drive more visibility and attract new followers who are interested in the same topics.

24. Make meaningful conversation with your audience

Food for thought: 60% of marketers use Instagram as a service channel, making the platform perfect for back and forth interactions with followers. Engaging with your audience through asking questions and creating an engaging dialogue can significantly boost your presence. Popular post ideas include off-the-cuff questions, addressing shipping concerns, and acknowledging praise for your products—all of which are fair game to keep your followers engaged. For instance, Cometeer responds to its followers by being supportive and responding promptly, which shows that they care. You might be surprised at how quickly your Instagram followers increase when you start acting more personable.

Make meaningful conversation with your audience

According to Index research, 89% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they are following on social media, proving that every interaction counts. Make it a point to respond to as many questions and comments as possible, as these engagements can make or break a long-term follower or potential customer. By maintaining this level of interaction, you not only demonstrate reliability but also build a community of loyal followers who feel valued and heard.

25. Embed Instagram posts in your blog

Using embedded Instagram posts in your blog is a smart way to create clickable posts that encourage users to head directly to your relevant post on your Instagram profile. By embedding your own Instagram posts, you can seamlessly share content and drive traffic to your profile. This strategy not only enriches your blog content but also introduces a new visitor to your Instagram profile, turning them into a potential new follower.


Increasing your followers on Instagram requires a strategic approach that includes creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience. It’s essential to maintain a consistent posting schedule and engage authentically with your followers. Building an engaged community takes time and effort, but the rewards are definitely worth it. By focusing on these elements, you can foster a loyal following and see significant growth in your Instagram presence.

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