What does Post Unavailable mean on Instagram

What does Post Unavailable mean on Instagram?‍

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Ever tried to view a post on Instagram and received the message that says, “Post Unavailable”? It can be both frustrating and curious, especially when you’re trying to catch up on what’s going on with a friend, celebrity, or brand. This article will explain the reasons why this might happen and what you can do to potentially fix it.

Imagine you’re scrolling through your Instagram DM or Chat, and you come across a post link shared by a friend. You click eagerly only to be stopped by the “Post Unavailable” alert. It’s natural to wonder why you can’t see something that was supposed to be accessible. Typically, this occurs for a few reasons: the post has been deleted by the user or Instagram, the post was made private by the user, or there are regional restrictions on the content which prevent it from being displayed in your location.

Understanding these triggers can help you better understand the dynamic nature of content on social media platforms like Instagram. While it may be frustrating, knowing that these reasons often relate to user privacy and platform guidelines can provide some peace of mind. If you’re continually encountering this issue, a good step might be to refresh your app or check for any updates that could resolve this viewing issue.

What is an “Post Unavailable” on Instagram?

Have you ever been trying to view a post on Instagram, only to be met with the message that says, “Post Unavailable”? This common error message might appear when you try to access a post that is no longer available. Instagram, being a popular social media platform, allows users to share media with followers, but sometimes, due to various reasons such as the deletion of the original post or privacy settings changes by the user, the content becomes inaccessible. It’s understandably frustrating, especially if you were looking forward to seeing the post. Knowing what this message means can help alleviate some of that frustration, providing clarity on why some content just isn’t accessible anymore.

Reasons for “Post Unavailable” on Instagram 

It’s a common frustration to see the “Post Unavailable” notice on Instagram. This typically happens for several reasons:

Reasons for Post Unavailable on Instagram 

Private Account/Page You Are Not Following:

One obvious reason you might encounter the “Post Unavailable” message on Instagram is because the content has been posted on a private account or page that you are not currently following. Instagram’s privacy feature allows users to control who can see their posts. If you’re keen on accessing the content, a simple fix is to hit the follow button on the account or page and wait for the approval. If they accept your request, you’ll soon be able to view the content.

If it’s someone you know personally, you could also directly ask them to accept your follow request. This way, you won’t miss out on any future posts and can engage with the content as long as you remain a follower.

The post has been deleted:

A frequent cause for seeing “Post Unavailable” on Instagram is when the post has been deleted or removed due to copyright infringement issues. When an image or video is used without the permission of the person who owns the rights to that content, Instagram acts swiftly. If the platform receives a copyright complaint and upon review, finds that the post indeed infringes on someone else’s copyright, they are compelled to delete the post and notify the owner. Being aware of copyright laws is crucial, especially when you are looking to use someone else’s content on social media. Always obtain permission and give proper credit to the copyright owner to avoid these situations.

The post was archived:

Another common scenario where you might see the “Post Unavailable” message on Instagram is if the post has been archived by the user. Instagram allows its users to archive their posts, which removes them from the public profile and feed but does not delete them. This means when anyone tries to access an archived post, instead of seeing the content, they’ll encounter the “post unavailable” message. If you open the user’s feed and search for the post, you won’t be able to find it unless the user decides to restore it from their archive. This feature is handy for keeping a clean feed without permanently losing past posts.

You Are Blocked by the Account Owner:

A less discussed but quite rare reason you may see “Post Unavailable” on Instagram is if you have been blocked by the account owner. This feature on Instagram allows users to prevent specific users from seeing their posts, stories, reels, IGTV videos, and even live videos. Moreover, being blocked means you cannot engage with the content in any way, including commenting, liking, or messaging.

If you suspect this is the case and wish to view the content, you could attempt to contact the user through alternative means and politely ask why you were blocked or if they would consider unblocking you. However, it’s important to respect their decision and move on if they choose not to respond or share the post again.

Deactivated Account:

One possibility for encountering “Post Unavailable” messages on Instagram is if the post was shared from an account that has since been deactivated. Whether the account owner decided to deactivate their profile to take a break from social media, or if the deactivation occurred because the account’s content violated Instagram’s community guidelines, the result is the same: any post from that account becomes unavailable. Instagram actively takes down accounts that violate its policies, making any content shared from such profiles inaccessible. If you’re curious about whether an account has been deactivated for this reason, you might read the article, “How to Know When Someone Deactivates Their Instagram Account,” to quench your thirst for curiosity about these Instagram operations.

Post Has Been Taken Down by Instagram:

Encountering a “Post Unavailable” message can often be traced back to Instagram having taken down the post for violating its Community Guidelines or Terms of Use. There are various reasons why this might happen, such as posting inappropriate, harmful, or illegal content, or infringing on someone else’s intellectual property rights. If you stumble upon such a message and are curious about the specifics, the fix isn’t straightforward. You might consider trying to contact the user to ask why their post was taken down. If they choose to send a repost or respond, you can view the content again.

However, it’s crucial to respect their decision to either share the post again or to move on, acknowledging the platform’s efforts to maintain a safe and respectful community environment.

Instagram servers are down: 

Instagram servers are down

Sometimes, the reason you see “Post Unavailable” is as straightforward as Instagram servers being down. This issue can affect more than just viewing posts; you might find that DMs won’t send, or when you tap to open a post, it simply won’t load and leaves your screen stuck. A practical step to confirm this is to check the status of Instagram’s server on sites like Down Detector. This site often shows a list of the top reasons for disruptions, including real-time updates if the servers are down. Knowing this can save you a lot of frustration, giving you clarity on when normal service might resume.

Big Changes in the Profile: 

Encountering a “Post Unavailable” message can sometimes be traced back to big changes made in the profile of the account where the content was posted. Whether it’s changing a username, bio, or profile picture, these updates can cause glitches or delays in how posts are updated and make them temporarily unavailable. If you see this issue right after such modifications, it could just be a matter of time before the changes are reflected across all parts of the platform. A quick fix to resolve this is to refresh the page, clear your cache, or restart the app. Being careful to ensure all updates follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use will help maintain seamless access to all content.

Age-restricted content 

When you encounter a “Post Unavailable” message, it could be due to age-restricted content on Instagram. This platform sets restrictions on posts or accounts that share material not suitable for viewers of a certain age. Such content may include images or videos that depict nudity, sexual acts, or violence. To view such age-restricted content, users must be logged in and able to verify that they are over 18. Instagram’s automated systems often flag such materials, and when reported by users, these are reviewed by Instagram’s content moderation team.

This team then determines if the content is appropriate for all audiences or should be marked as age-restricted. Users attempting to view this content will be prompted to verify their age by providing their date of birth.

How do I verify your age for your Instagram account?

  1. Log in to your Instagram account using the Instagram app on your mobile device or by going to the Instagram website on your computer.
  2. Once logged in, go to your profile page and tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner. On the website, you might need to click your profile picture in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Navigate to the “Account” section within the settings menu. Here, scroll down and select “Account” again to access your account settings.
  5. Find the “Personal Information” section within Account Settings. Here, you will find an option to verify your age.
  6. Verify your age by following the prompts provided. You may be asked to enter your birth date or provide an official ID like a driver’s license or passport to confirm your age.
  7. Submit your verification by providing the required information and submit it for review.
  8. Once your age is verified, you will receive a confirmation from Instagram and will be able to access age-restricted content on the platform.

Ensure to provide accurate information during the verification process to comply with Instagram’s policies and guidelines.

How to view the unavailable Instagram post? 

When you come across a “Post Unavailable” notification on Instagram and you’re keen to see the content without directly following the page from your primary account, you have a few limited ways to approach this. You could create a new account or use a fake profile to act as an anonymous user; this allows you to follow the page discreetly. Alternatively, you can ask a mutual friend who already follows the page to screen record or take a screenshot of the video post or content and share it with you. This method ensures you stay updated without exposing your main profile.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

How to view the unavailable Instagram post? 

When faced with the message “Post Unavailable” on Instagram, there are a few limited ways to see the content even if you are not following the page through your primary account. If discretion is key, consider creating a new account or using a fake profile to act as an anonymous user. This method allows you to safely follow the page and view the content without revealing your main identity. Another practical approach is to ask a mutual friend who follows the page to either screen record or take a screenshot of the video post or any content and send it to you. This way, you can access the post without directly interacting with the account.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram? 

If you suspect that someone has blocked you on Instagram, there are a few indicators to check. Start by searching for their account; if it’s no longer visible to you or if you cannot see their posts or stories, it’s likely that you’ve been blocked. Additionally, an inability to send direct messages or request to follow them further confirms that you have been restricted from accessing their profile and content. This method ensures a discreet verification without the need for direct interaction, allowing you to respect privacy boundaries while confirming your suspicions.


Seeing “Post Unavailable” on Instagram might be annoying, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day. There are many possible reasons for this message, and understanding them can often lead to simple solutions. While some issues are out of your control, such as user privacy settings or Instagram’s enforcement actions, you can often respect these choices and move forward. In cases where you might influence the outcome, like ensuring content adherence to Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use, being careful and informed helps. We hope this article has helped you understand how to deal with these situations effectively. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading!

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