How to check if someone blocked you on Instagram

How to check if someone blocked you on Instagram

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As an avid Instagrammer, I’ve had my fair share of brewing and exciting conversations with various persons across the globe. Imagine this: one day, you’re deep in an engaging chat, and BOOM, their profile seems to have vanished into thin air by the next day. You might even encounter a pop-up stating, ‘User not found’. It’s a disappointing reality many Instagrammers face when they can no longer view a user’s profile or interact through DM. The immediate thought might be to deduce you’ve been blocked, but is that always the case?

In reality, there are several chances you might feel you’ve been shunned, but it’s not always for the reasons you think. Yes, being blocked is a good possibility, but it’s essential to consider other factors. Could they be on a social media detox? Maybe they’ve deleted or deactivated their account? To confirm your status as blocked or not on Instagram, a bit of detective work is required.

How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram

Ever think you’ve been blocked by someone on Instagram? The methods to confirm this on the photo and video sharing platform are not as straightforward as one might hope. A simple check for their name under profiles might lead you nowhere, especially if you’re dealing with blocked users. Instagram doesn’t make it easy, often requiring us to resort to workarounds. This involves manually searching for the person either through the IG app or website, or even going through previous posts for clues. There’s more to it than meets the eye, and as someone who’s navigated these murky waters, I’ve learned the ins and outs of these subtle signs.

Method 1: Search on Instagram

The first step to know if you’ve been blocked on Instagram is a quick search for the person’s profile. If it’s public and you can see their posts, you’re not blocked. For private accounts, a message stating “This Account is Private” might still allow a follow request, but if you lose the ability to do so, it’s a sign. The trickier part involves sharing. Even if the number of posts is shared but they don’t show up in the display area, you might have been manually prevented from seeing their photos. If the profile doesn’t appear at all in search, they might have deactivated or deleted their account, but a quick text to their contact might clarify— if the text doesn’t go through, it’s a good check that you’ve been blocked, beyond just their phone number.

Method 2: Check likes or comments on your posts

To be double sure you’re blocked, go through your posts; if you’re unable to find their likes or comments, it’s likely they’ve restricted access. This method helped me search without directly visiting their profile—a subtle way to find out how to confirm if someone has indeed blocked you.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your phone, initiating your detective journey.

Step 2: Tap into the Profile section using the bottom tab, your gateway to personal content.

Step 3: Select a post from your grid, a place where your shared experiences lie.

Step 4: Diligently go through the post’s likes and comments to find the profile you suspect.

Step 5: If a like or comment from them is left intact, select their account for a closer look.

Step 6: On the next screen, if ‘User not found’ message appears, it’s likely you’ve been blocked.

By following these steps, you can subtly uncover whether someone has blocked you on Instagram without directly confronting them or jumping to conclusions.

Method 3: Look for their Instagram handle on the web

Looking up a person’s profile via a standard link format like ‘’ in an internet browser reveals the truth. Simply replace ‘username’ with their actual Instagram handle, open this link in your browser, and ensure you’re logged out of Instagram on the web. If their profile shows up while you’re logged out, but there’s no trace of their whereabouts when logged in, it’s a solid indicator you’ve been blocked. This method is off the app, offering a good alternative to direct confrontations.

Method 4: Check your messages

To check if you’ve been blocked on Instagram, a subtle clue can hide in your message thread. If someone previously communicated with suddenly vanishes from your direct messages, it’s time to check your chat history. A clear absence might fuel suspicions, but consider the possibility they’ve deactivated or deleted their account. For a broader scope, check group messages where you both were common participants; if their name still appears in the group but is nowhere to be found anywhere else, it might just confirm your doubts.

Method 5: Ask a friend

If your curiosity still hasn’t been satiated, the best way forward is to reach out to a friend and ask them to spot the person’s profile. If they can’t see it either, congratulations, the user may have disabled their Instagram account; but if they can and you can’t, you’re blocked. Despite trying all aforementioned methods, it’s time to respect their privacy. They might not want to associate, and in the spirit of good social media etiquette, it’s best to let things be.

Method 6: Search them using another account

When all methods at your disposal fail to indicate whether you’ve been blocked from just one account, it’s time to go ahead and look up the person using a secondary or a friend’s account. Often, doubtful search results can be confusing, but using another account to search on Instagram can clear things up. This method provides a direct answer without infringing on anyone’s privacy or making uncomfortable assumptions.

Method 7: Mention and Tag the Account

When people block you on Instagram, they cannot be mentioned or tagged in your posts or comments. To find out if you’ve been blocked, try making a new post and tag the account in question. If Instagram doesn’t allow the tag, it’s a same effect as a block. Alternatively, search their username; if you encounter a profile with a message saying, “This account is private,” but you can’t see any posts, there’s a good chance they’ve made their account private—or you’ve been blocked.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Can I see who blocked me on Instagram? 

Instagram doesn’t notify users or offer a comprehensive list of people who have blocked them, leaving you to look at subtle clues within the app to deduce if someone has blocked you.

How do you see who has searched you on Instagram? 

While Instagram doesn’t allow users to see who views their profile, one workaround is to move to a business account to get access to metrics on how many people have viewed your profile, among other insights. However, it’s strongly recommended to stay away from third-party apps and services that promise to let you see your viewers; these can often compromise the security of your Instagram account.

Can Someone Block You on Instagram? 

Yes, on this social media platform, someone can indeed choose to block you on Instagram. Once blocked, you can no longer see their profile, posts, or interact with them on the platform. This feature is designed to give users control over their digital interactions and privacy.

How Do I Know If Someone Blocked Me on Instagram Stories? 

If you can’t see someone’s Instagram stories, it might be an indicator that they’ve decided to block you. Typically, their profile photo will not appear in your stories box, making their daily posts and updates invisible to your account.

Can I Send DMs to a User That May Have Blocked Me? 

If someone has blocked you on Instagram, you still can’t DM them. Even if the chat exists, you’ll see a sign indicating that DMs cannot be sent; any message attempted won’t be delivered nor will you receive a response.


Determining if you’ve been blocked on Instagram requires a tactful approach and respect for personal boundaries. By utilizing search functions, examining interactions, and potentially enlisting a friend’s help, you can infer your social standing with another user. However, it’s crucial to proceed with empathy and respect for individual privacy, acknowledging that being blocked is a personal choice, not a reflection of your worth.

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