Instagram Person Icon With Plus Sign Mean

What Does Instagram Person Icon With Plus Sign Mean?(2024)

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Instagram’s recent update introduces a plus person icon in the app, a significant addition for anyone keen on expanding their social circle. This icon, symbolizing the ability to easily add new followers, has made navigating Instagram profiles more intuitive. As a seasoned user, I’ve found this feature particularly useful for growing my follower count without the hassle.

It’s a clear signal from Instagram, aiming to enhance user experience by simplifying how we connect with others. The person icon with a plus sign is more than just a button; it represents Instagram’s effort to keep the app dynamic and user-friendly, fostering a sense of community and curiosity among its users.

What Is The Instagram Person Icon With Plus Sign?

Instagram’s latest feature refresh introduces a plus sign next to the person icon, a thoughtful addition aimed at enhancing user interaction. Embedded within the interface, this icon becomes visible when visiting a profile, subtly positioned beside the message button.

Its primary function is straightforward yet impactful: when tapped, it suggests accounts similar to the one you’re viewing, guided by the algorithm’s understanding of your interests. This is especially useful for users constantly seeking new connections or content aligned with their preferences. My personal experience with this feature has been nothing short of revelatory.

It not only makes following new accounts seamless but also enriches my feed with content I’m genuinely interested in. Moreover, it encourages interacting with these new finds, fostering a sense of community. This Instagram update is a testament to the platform’s commitment to keeping users engaged and coming back, by making discovery an integral part of the experience.

The Instagram Person Icon with Plus Sign represents a pivotal shift, especially for individuals like me who navigate the dual worlds of personal branding and casual social media use. This feature, embedded directly within the Instagram interface, is more than a mere aesthetic update; it serves as a bridge connecting personal accounts with the potential to flourish in a crowded digital space.

For a social media influencer or anyone looking to expand their market presence, this icon acts as a silent ally. It helps in subtly growing a fan base, without the worry of blending one’s personal Instagram account with professional endeavors. The Plus Sign intuitively suggests accounts similar to those you’re interested in following, enhancing how we view and interact with content.

By tapping this icon when visiting a profile, Instagram’s algorithm smartly curates content, encouraging users to engage more deeply with communities they’re genuinely interested in. This strategic addition is advantageous, seamlessly blending personal desires with professional aspirations, ensuring we’re constantly engaged and coming back for more.

The Instagram Person Icon with Plus Sign, much like browsing through a grocery store for a particular brand of cereal and finding it displayed alongside nearby options, offers a useful tool for those trying something new or comparing prices. This feature works in a similar vein when you’re watching a cooking show on TV and become interested in the chef’s recipe, leading you to search online for recommendations from chefs with similar cooking styles.

It’s designed to help you discover recipes and expand your culinary knowledge. In the context of Instagram, the Plus Sign is a note to users about the Instagram suggested users feature, which operates differently than you might expect. It’s not just for new Instagram users looking to establish their presence; it promotes both individual and business accounts, helping them build their profile on the platform.

This approach seamlessly integrates into the experience, offering opportunities to expand your network or audience in a manner that feels natural and intended, much like finding new culinary inspirations.

How Is The Plus Person Icon Useful On Instagram?

The Plus Person Icon on Instagram emerges as a pivotal feature, especially when exploring the recommended section of a profile. This nifty tool is remarkably beneficial for both personal Instagram account users and businesses aiming to widen their social circle or market reach.

It makes the exploration of suggested accounts easy and convenient, allowing users to discover accounts similar to their interests or competitors with a simple tap. This function is not just helpful; it revolutionizes how creators and businesses engage with the Instagram app, facilitating a more tailored and efficient way to find and connect with new communities or potential customers.

By visiting a different Instagram account or a business profile, and utilizing the suggested section, Instagram adeptly shows a curated list of relevant profiles, urging users to take note and engage, thereby amplifying the benefit and utility of this feature within the digital ecosystem.

In the dynamic realm of Instagram, the Plus Person Icon stands as a strategic ally for those looking to refine their content strategy. By offering a list of similar accounts to go through one by one, this feature empowers users to meticulously look at their competitors’ posting frequency, content styling, and overall engagement tactics.

Such insights are invaluable for anyone aiming to figure out what constitutes a winning approach to boost their Instagram profile’s reach. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or a new entrant, leveraging this tool to analyze strategies employed by successful accounts can provide a roadmap to enhance your own visibility and engagement on the platform.

This nuanced understanding of what resonates with your audience can significantly uplift your Instagram journey, making the Plus Person Icon not just a feature but a catalyst for growth.

The Pros And Cons For The Person Icon With Plus Sign

The Person Icon With Plus Sign on Instagram offers a nuanced blend of pros and cons, especially for business accounts looking at it as a marketing tool to increase their number of followers. On the plus side, this feature, when enabled on your profile, adeptly aids in suggesting your account to others, potentially following similar interests or other people’s profiles, thereby expanding your following.

This recommendation system can make the Instagram browsing experience more enjoyable for users by using a sophisticated algorithm to recommend accounts they might not otherwise see or check out, thereby increasing your visibility. However, there’s a downside for those who prefer a low-key presence or wish to avoid being recommended to mutual friends; the feature doesn’t always allow for granular control over who gets to see your profile in their suggestions.

While you can disable this feature to stop recommending your account, doing so might reduce the visibility and similar suggestions appearing to potential new followers, which could be a significant consideration for those relying on Instagram for growth and engagement.

How To Turn The Person Icon With Plus Sign On And Off Using Instagram Mobile Site

Turning the Person Icon With Plus Sign on and off on Instagram via the mobile site is a straightforward process, regardless of whether you’re using an Android or iPhone device. This option is integral for users looking to manage their account’s visibility and recommendations.

Accessing this feature involves navigating to your account settings on the Instagram mobile site, where you’ll find the option to turn off or activate the Person Icon With Plus Sign. This flexibility allows users to tailor their Instagram experience, controlling how their account is suggested to others and managing the influx of potential new followers.

Whether for privacy reasons or simply to take a break from the social aspects of Instagram, this feature ensures that users can customize their social media presence to suit their preferences.

Step 1: Involves opening the Instagram website in your web browser and tapping on the Profile picture icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 2: After tapping the Edit Profile button, you’ll need to scroll down to locate the Similar Account Suggestions option. This allows you to toggle your visibility for recommendations.

Step 3: To turn off or turn on the suggestions, simply uncheck or check the box accordingly. Once you’ve made your choice, tap submit to confirm your changes and complete the process.

How To Turn The Person Icon With Plus Sign On and Off Using The Web Browser

To turn off the Person Icon With Plus Sign using a computer, navigate to the settings on Instagram’s web interface and select the relevant option. This allows you to control your visibility on the platform.

Step 1: Simply click your Profile picture located at the top right of the screen in your web browser after logging in to your Instagram account.

Step 2: In managing the Instagram Person Icon With Plus Sign through a web browser, you’ll need to click on the Edit Profile option. Here, you’re faced with the decision to turn off or turn on the Similar Account Suggestions by simply checking or unchecking the box next to this feature. Once you’ve made your choice, submit to confirm your changes, effectively completing the customization process. This action plays a pivotal role in defining how you’re perceived on the platform, either enhancing your visibility through suggestions or opting for a more private profile.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the little man icon on Instagram?

The small person icon in the lower left corner of an image on your Instagram feed signifies tags. Tapping it reveals who’s tagged in the photo, offering a quick way to see and save tagged content.

How do I remove suggested accounts on Instagram?

To remove a suggested account on Instagram, click the three dots next to the account’s username and select Not Interested or Hide. This action tells Instagram to remove the account from your suggestions.

How does Instagram suggest people for me to follow?

Instagram suggests people for you to follow based on your activity on the platform, including who you currently follow, posts you like, and hashtags you use.


The Person Icon with plus sign in this article explains a nuanced feature within Instagram that impacts how your profile is appearing on the platform. By delving into your profile settings, you can enable or turn off this function, controlling whether your account starts showing up on other people’s profiles. This flexibility allows users to weigh the pros and cons of being more discoverable or opting for privacy. The purpose behind this feature is to foster connections by suggesting your profile to potential new followers, yet it gives you the sovereignty to decide your visibility.

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